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Computer Maintenance Overview

We all know the gut-wrenching feeling when your computer stops working.  We have all been there, from the most advanced technician to the novice computer user.  You just want to have the computer fixed and back to the way it was.  Benson Communications will work with you and your computer to make that a reality.

Benson Communications started repairing computers in 2000 when we first opened our doors. Our company has had a great history of repairing pc’s for customers and all of our techs are very experienced. In fact, the Benson techs have an average of 20 years of experience repairing computers.

The key to being able to repair PCs and Networks is knowing the history of the computers that are being serviced. Benson Communications assigns every computer a unique case number.  When your computer is brought into our facility or when we make a trip on site to work on your PC or network we assign an eight digit number which identifies your computer.  We can immediately pull all service records on your PC and we know what we have done to your PC in the past. We are then able to see if there is a re-occurring problem with your system.

What should you expect when you bring in your computer?

You should expect that your system and data will be treated with ultimate confidentiality.

You should also expect to have options including how quickly you would like the repair to occur and if you would like to pay an hourly rate of if you would like to sign up for the Residential Computer Maintenance Program (RCMP) or Business Computer Maintenance Program (BCMP).

How long will it take for your computer to be repaired?

Some computers are in and out within a couple of hours, others take several days to complete.  The biggest hurdle in computer repair is whether or not proprietary replacement hardware will have to be ordered to fix your PC.  We try hard to make sure we have standard replacement parts in shop for your convenience.

How much will it cost to get your computer fixed?

Benson Communication’s prices start out at just $7.95. Don’t trust that “friend” “relative” or “high schooler” to fix your computer when you can get it fixed for under $8 bucks*by experts.

Computer Maintenance Program

Benson developed the program in 2007 and it has become extremely popular. The Computer Maintenance Program allows customers to pay a set amount to Benson each month for computer repair. Customers no longer have to pay exorbitant fees in order to get their computer repaired all because of a virus or some other software caused problem. Customers subscribing to the Elite package can simply pay one low rate each month and have their computer repaired any time at no additional fees for labor.

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