Disk Clean up

February 20th, 2010 | Computer Maintance | by Ben Plikerd - Owner

There are many things you can do to your computer once a month to keep your computer tidy and in return it will keep your computer running faster.  One of those tasks you can perform is Disk Cleanup.

Disk Clean up does the following things:  Removes temporary Internet files, Remove downloaded program files (such as Microsoft ActiveX controls and Java applets), Empties the Recycle Bin, Removes Windows temporary files such as error reports, and Remove installed programs that you no longer use.

Disk Clean up provides additional tools other than what I mentioned but that is the basic.  By having a clean hard drive you allow your computer to run at peak efficiencies without having old programs running, or taking up huge amounts of hard drive space.  It is better to save that hard drive space for family pictures or videos than that dumb game you downloaded and played one time.

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Merry Christmas from all at Benson Communications!

December 22nd, 2009 | News | by Benson Communications

‘Tis the Season, for Spam and Junkmail… Be Careful when checking your “very Merry Christmas” emails and do not install that ye’old Christmas Screen Saver or Santa Cursor. You want it to be a Merry Christmas for all, even the computer. In all seriousness we have heard from hundreds of users about problems after installing specialty screen savers and cursors on their computer. These, while very cute, cause serious problems on your computer and sometimes install vicious malware and viruses on your PC. If you inadvertently installed something like this and you think you may have successfully uninstalled it, think again. There is a good chance the damage of installation has already begun to degrade your computer. However to not worry, bring it into Benson for a quick clean up.

We Wish you and your family a Joyous Christmas and a Happy New Year.

And just a reminder, Benson Will be closed the 24th, 25th, & 31st of December, as well as January 1st & 2nd of 2010.

– Benson Staff steroids for sale

Like What We Do Here At Benson?

December 16th, 2009 | News, Specials / Deals | by Benson Communications

Let us know! By writing a review on Google!

Just follow the link below and write your Review.

Write Your Review Now!

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RCMP Customers get a 5% discount off of all parts!

November 17th, 2009 | Computer Maintance, News | by Benson Communications

Effective on December 1st 2009 all Computer Maintenance Program customers automatically qualify for a 5% discount on any parts or non service items they purchase through Benson Communications.  We want to save our loyal customers as much money as possible.  It has already been very easy for Benson customers to purchase equipment through us, now it will even be cheaper.  Customers will see the full price on their invoice and then a “Maintenance Customer Discount” of 5%.  All invoices dated for December 1st 2009 and beyond will include this discount.

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Make sure your Antivirus files are up to date.

November 17th, 2009 | Computer Maintance | by Benson Communications

Making sure your antivirus program and DAT (Generic Data File for your Anti-Virus Program) files are up to date ensures that your antivirus is performing to peak efficiency.  Many antivirus programs can be updated by clicking on the antivirus program in the Systray (bottom right corner in your taskbar).  After you click update a message should display indicating that your software and DAT files are up to date.  If you are unsure if your program is up to date please call our techs and they will walk you through it.  574-528-6118

Two New Products For Our Customers!

October 13th, 2009 | Computer Maintance, News | by Benson Communications

Over the years, many customers have expressed frustration in two primary areas: that is hardware warranty and data backup. This month we are introducing 2 new products for our customers that we are sure you will love.

Remote Data Backup

We have always suggested that all customers backup their computers constantly. We now proudly offer a safe and easy solution. Benson Communications’ Remote Data Backup is a monthly service charge that costs as low as $5.95 and if available for business and residential customers. Remote Data Backup is a service that Benson provides to our customers to ensure your data on your computer/network is totally secure. This stealthy service runs on your computer nightly. It makes a secure connection to multiple servers out on a cloud network that backups your data and stores it in multiple places. Remote Data Backup is used as a safe guard against losing important data like pictures, school papers, important files, or business documents. We have had numerous people have asked us about how secure the data is, to which we reply, “it is encrypted, password protected, and you can set the password if you wish. You can bring your desktop or laptop in and for NO CHARGE we will install this backup software for you. We will guarantee that the documents that you backup will never get deleted. Since it is kept off site, power surges, damaged home /office, damaged pc, or hard drive damage will not affect the data you have backed up. There really is no risk for you.

Extended Guarantee on Parts

Another new product that we are unveiling this month is the Benson Communications Parts Guarantee. Beginning with all purchase on 10/15/2009 we will automatically include an Extended Guarantee. This ensures you if a part you purchased from us fails within the first year, you bring it back to us and we get the part replaced at no charge to you, no questions asked. We will even pay for the shipping. Another guarantee Benson Communications offers with no risk. Parts under $100 are $4.95 and parts under $1,000 are $9.95. This Benson Communications Parts Guarantee covers hardware problems only. Benson Communications Parts Guarantee is always an option but extremely urged.

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Benson Communications Opens Chesapeake Office

September 15th, 2009 | Marketing, News | by Benson Communications

Computer Repair Company opens new office in Chesapeake, VA. Located on 115 Byron St.

PRLog (Press Release) – Sep 08, 2009 – “Benson Communications has officially branched out of Syracuse, Indiana and opened a Franchise in Chesapeake, Virginia” said Ben Plikerd, President of Benson Communications, Inc. This Benson Communications Franchise will sell mostly computer services including the Computer Maintenance Programs. Marc Daniels is the local Franchisee and is excited to help the community with their services “I am excited to be opening a local Benson Communications Franchise in our area. I think it is great that we will offer the community with much needed professional computer repair services”. “I welcome everyone to stop by and see our new location” stated Ken Kerr, Office Manager. The Chesapeake location is located on 115 Bryon Street next to Sonic and Lowe’s. You can reach Marc or Ken by calling 757-819-1556 or by visiting their website at www.bensoncom.com Chesapeake@bensoncom.com

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Additions to the Website Maintenance Program

July 15th, 2009 | Specials / Deals, Web Development | by Ben Plikerd - Owner

About a month ago Benson Communications installed Google Analytics on the U4 website. Google Analytics is an application that allows owners to look at and monitor the traffic that goes to their website. It has a lot of graphics, maps, and detail on each and every visitor. This is a tool we had installed on a few websites before now and it is giving U4 a very good understanding of what pages people are looking at and what they are not looking at. Not only do we get that snap shot; but we can now design around what they are clicking on. Google Analytics is used on many web pages around the world, and there is a good chance that of all the sites you visit on a daily basis employs this application. The data is very limited about the user, the most detail you can get about the user is basically where they are located at a city level, what browser they use, and screen resolution. The data provided mostly tells the webmasters what data is being looked at and maybe how to improve the data. Furthermore, this gives the site owners data like “are customers even viewing my website”. Many Web Development companies charge thousands of dollars for this integration. Benson includes Website Analytics with every website as a part of our Website Maintenance Program FOR FREE! Just another way Benson Communications is striving to serve our Website Maintenance Program Customers Better!

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